In 1960, the College acquired a beautiful stone mansion called Oakhurst, about a seven minute walk from Lafayette’s main campus, overlooking the Delaware River. In 1961, Oakhurst was renamed “McKelvy House,” in honor of the family who last lived in it. 

The mansion has four floors, including the basement, and 12 rooms. The basement is used as storage space and has a kitchen as well as a washer/dryer. The first floor has a quiet study, comfortable parlor, and spacious living room, where Sunday night dinners and discussions are held. Residents live on the second and third floor in either singles, doubles, or triples. 

The House also has beautiful gardens, which are perfect for studying outdoors or hosting events when the weather is nice.

“McKelvy is back” 2019

Given all of these wonderful features, McKelvy House is the perfect setting to foster a community of respect, intellectual curiosity, personal growth, creativity, and friendship.