Shortly after acquiring Oakurst, the College renamed it “McKelvy House” and created the McKelvy Scholars Program, a co-ed community of 20-25 intellectually curious students who have different academic interests and personal backgrounds. The McKelvy Scholars live in the mansion and participate in weekly student-led discussions with dinner on Sundays. Being a McKelvy Scholar is a unique opportunity and honor. Scholars foster a community built around high-level academic work, broad leadership on campus and in the community, intellectual curiosity, creative expression, inclusive values, and a culture of self-reflective inquiry. The honor and privilege of the program offers a unique experience for students to broaden their perspectives, develop friendships and community, and build a college life of curiosity and engagement.

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Each semester the members of the Program organize a series of seminar discussions, usually centered around some broad topic of concern. Every Sunday evening the members gather in the large living room at McKelvy House and engage in discussion or otherwise pursue the specific topic prepared by the members responsible for the program of that meeting. Discussions and arguments that begin before or during these meetings often last long into the night or the next week.