Angela Bell, Ph.D.

Angela Bell is a social psychologist and Assistant Professor of Psychology. She joined the McKelvy community in AY2020-21 and is excited to help cultivate a diverse intellectual community and support students’ growth on campus.

Professor Bell was born and raised in Sacramento, California where she started her first-gen college experience at American River College and obtained her AA in Liberal Arts. She transferred to California State University Northridge and obtained her BA in Psychology. She went on to earn her Masters and PhD in Psychology at Oklahoma State University.

At Lafayette College, she teaches research methods (Psyc 203/L: Design & Analysis), intro and advanced social psychology (Psyc 235: Social Psych I and Psyc 327/L: Social Psych 2), and a senior capstone on the psychology of prejudice (Psyc 490). In AY2019-20, she served as a CITLS’ Distinguished Teaching Faculty Fellow to advance inclusive teaching efforts within her courses. Through CITLS, she led a series of workshops for faculty on establishing inclusive classroom guidelines, resolving unexpected mid-semester challenges, and empowering students through meaningful assignments.

Professor Bell’s research primarily focuses on intergroup relations and the experience of being a member of a stigmatized group. She is particularly interested in answering questions such as: Why do people fail to recognize their own prejudice but seem capable of identifying prejudice in others? Which social and cognitive factors are the greatest influence on judgments of prejudice and egalitarianism? What are the psychological functions of endorsing stereotypes for the self and one’s own stigmatized group? You can find her work in Social Cognition, Psychology of Men & Masculinity, the Journal of Social Psychology, and the recently released book, Stereotypes: The Incidence and Impacts of Bias. With fellow social and personality psychologists, Professor Bell co-developed Flourish: A Retreat for Pre-tenure Faculty of Color  that recently earned the Society for Improving Psychological Science (SIPS) 2020 Mission Award.

Ask Professor Bell about: motivated reasoning, her two cats, and favorite scary movies.