Students do not apply for membership, but are nominated by faculty members. Students who are nominated receive information about the interview process that leads to the selection of the members by a committee of faculty and current scholars. This process typically starts during the Spring semester.

If you think you would like the intellectual stimulation of living in McKelvy House with other lively and provocative students, we urge you to ask your favorite professor to nominate you by emailing Professor Benjamin R. Cohen. You are welcome to visit the House, either on Sunday evening for Discussion or at some other time for a tour or just to visit and get to know the students. The scholars expect you and will welcome you.

Members of the program are required to live in McKelvy House, but they may retain membership in other social living groups as well. They must prepare for and participate in the Sunday evening discussions. When a member, or members, are hosting a discussion they are responsible for preparing the topic, any advanced reading materials, and getting dinner for the House. Sometimes members find organizing the dinner more difficult than organizing the discussion! While the House has a kitchen in the basement, members can get take out instead of cooking the dinner themselves if they wish. Members are also responsible for running events during the semester and attending various house events. Dinner at the Sunday discussions and program costs are paid for out of the program budget at no additional expense to the members.

If you have any questions about the program, please feel free to ask any of the members of the McKelvy Program or the faculty advisor, Professor Benjamin R. Cohen.